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Experiencing a Plateau during your weight Ultimate HCG Weight Loss phase?

Remove all sugar, including fruit & tomatoes Sugar in as little as a piece of fruit can slow weight loss …

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“Wow, You Look Amazing!” is my new favorite phrase

Yep, “Wow, You Look Amazing!” is what I hear all the time now. It’s really a nice thing to hear, …

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What to Eat on the HCG Diet Plan

The HCG diet plan consists of regular doses of the hormone HCG along with following a 500 calorie a day …

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Irma’s Story: Lifestyle Changes and Rebuilding Confidence

  I lost 12 pounds in 21 days on the  Ultimate HCG Weight Loss plan so far. This is an …

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How Does HCG Work?

HCG acts as a safety net for the body during pregnancy.  If a pregnant woman’s caloric intake falls too low; …

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Irma’s Weight Loss Story: Out with the old, in with the new….

Thursday was a hectic day, full of meetings with the last and final being the Weight Loss appointment I had …

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