Have you tried everything from crash diets, unhealthy quick-fixes and even considered weight loss surgery?

Everyone has a different reason for wanting to lose weight:  looking and feeling better, reducing the risk of serious illnesses, or overall health.  At Divine Weight Loss,  we help you lose the weight the healthy way and firmly believe in not only giving you the tools to lose the weight, but also the knowledge of how to maintain a healthy weight for years to come.

For the past 15 years,  Dr. Diana Roque has been practicing internal medicine and developed an overwhelming interest in women’s health and preventative medicine.  Daily, Dr. Roque would treat patients that struggle  from preventable diseases including diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease — the solution was Divine Weight Loss.  Centered in the heart of Riverview, Florida, Divine Weight Loss is a medically-assisted weight loss clinic that helps you lose the weight the healthy way.  Our Ultimate HCG  or Optimum Energy programs will give you the healthy and visible results you desire, and quickly.

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Mission Statement:
To help our patients take control of their health by providing the necessary tools to lose weight the healthy way.  We firmly believe that the process of losing weight should be a time where an individual gains the knowledge and skills that will help them maintain a healthy weight.