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“Wow, You Look Amazing!” is my new favorite phrase

Yep, “Wow, You Look Amazing!” is what I hear all the time now.
It’s really a nice thing to hear, but on a regular basis, well, it’s awesome.

From what I understand, many more of you are reading in silence about my weight loss story, since I am reminded that I haven’t given the continuation to the story in quite a while (everywhere I go).  So here it goes….

The End of My First Six Weeks: Irma Face

From my vacation and back, I got stuck at 178.  By August 2nd, my weight had dipped to 177.5.  Of course, 16 pounds in a month is a great feat, but I was hoping to lose more.  I wasn’t as disciplined as I should have been.  I went through several days where I had not had enough water.  By my 32nd birthday on August 14th, however, I was around 172 and looked fabulous in an old dress of mine that I was able to retrieve from retirement.  A few days later, I began my resting phase, meaning I had made it through the six weeks of injections and was then asked to take 2 weeks off (so my body didn’t build an immunity to the HCG injections).  I was able to increase my caloric intake to 1000 calories, but still avoid sugars and starches.

I am not going to lie.  In my “two weeks off” I did not eat well.  I craved Olive Garden bread sticks and pasta. I ate them.  Although I was definitely eating more (and more of what I shouldn’t have been eating), I didn’t go too overboard.  I lost my craving for coke.  I think I had maybe 3 glasses the entire two-week sabbatical.  My body naturally craves water now. Additionally, I noticed my meals were naturally smaller and I ate less.  By the time I returned for my follow-up appointment to start my 2nd round of HCG injections, lo and behold, I had lost 3 more pounds.

The Saga Continues:

On September 7th, I went to my doctor’s appointment and started my second round of treatment at 169 pounds! Wooohooo!  Back on the Utlimate HCG Weight Loss program I go….. My goal weight was to reach the middle of my healthy BMI range at 145 pounds.  I still have a way to go, but am pleased with the results thus far.  The “You Look Amazing” comments certainly help me avoid cheating.  Trust me, I love those buffalo chips at O’Brien’s. A LOT!  More importantly, I am finding I now have more energy to play with my son.  Excess weight definitely slows you down.  I hadn’t really noticed before. By my last follow-up appointment on Wednesday, I am down to 167 — I was lower, but for once, I spent a weekend not working to visit my family and watch the FSU game.  I ate poorly and even had more than one beer (something I hadn’t done in a while).  I think my body had gone into “bad food and beer” shock.  That’s the problem with cheating…it takes a few days for your body to recover.  You can’t fool the scale, only yourself.

So that is the story for now, but I did want to address common questions and comments I receive on a regular basis:

  1. Are you doing injections?  I am so afraid of needles….I can’t do that.
    Answer: Yes, some days I give them to myself and some days my boyfriend gives them to me.  I pinch the area in my stomach as that seems to be the only place where it doesn’t really sting at all. Honestly, most days I don’t even notice it.  I know of people who try to give it to themselves in the arm, buttock, or thigh.  That would be difficult, yes.  I have had no trouble with the stomach.  I alternate a side each day.  I am also pretty needle-phobic, but the way I see it is this…I can take a little needle now for a few months, or a diabetic needle for the rest of my life (if I continue down the path to obesity).  It’s a choice.
  2. 500 calories is all you are allowed to eat? That’s like starving yourself.
    Answer: HCG targets abnormal excess fat instead of healthy structural fat, so the first places you will lose fat are  the places where your body stores it first, such as; the belly, hips, thighs, buttocks, and upper arms. HCG does not increase heart rate. Also, HCG suppresses the appetite, so most patients feel very little hunger.  In order to get the body to sense that there is an “emergency,” HCG dieters follow a very specific diet of 500 calories, and only certain food may be eaten to keep the body  burning fat. When followed properly, the body will release 2,500 calories in the  bloodstream daily, in addition to the deficit in caloric intake (about 1,000 to 2,000 daily). This translates to about 3,500 to 4,500 calories that will be burned daily by the body.  The HCG hormone causes your hypothalamus to mobilize the fat out of the fat storage locations so that it’s available for use, but this is only effective if your body recognizes a significant drop of calories. While you are only consuming 500 calories, your hypothalamus is continually releasing the fat stored in your body. Because of this, your body is actually operating on thousands of calories a day; that is the reason HCG dieters lose 1 to 2  pounds of fat or more per day.
  3. Is the program expensive?
    Answer: When you add up how much people spend on food plans, gym memberships they never use, or personal trainers, the plan actually is much cheaper.  Since I have tried many of these methods, I can assure you that if you go to the gym without a plan or only rely on the food, the results won’t be as immediate.  Our American values call for immediate gratification, and if we can’t see the results quickly, we tend to move on.  The great thing about this program is that results are dramatic and immediate, leading most to stay on the plan.
  4. What happens when you get off the HCG?
    Considering my goals were lofty (50 pounds), I may have to do three rounds.  From a personal standpoint, I can’t say that I will keep the weight off, because I haven’t made it there yet.  I can, however, point to my sister (as close genetically to me as possible), that she finished her HCG plan in June of this year (53 pounds) and has kept her weight off.  My best friend who started a week after me, with the goal of 15 pounds and lost 20, finished her program about a month ago, and has kept her weight off too.  The important part of the plan is that the HCG is tricking your hypothalmus and resetting your metabolism.  If you go back to unhealthy habits, of course, the weight will come back over time.  If you keep a healthy lifestyle, the pounds will stay off.

There you have it!  Do you think I can make it to my goal weight (145) by the end of this cycle? Every few years my family gets together at Thanksgiving to take a big family picture.  My plan is to look svelte and really love it, more than I loved my last one 4 years ago.    Plus, my sister is really looking great, better than me….and that’s just not cool.

What are your weight loss goals?  I’d love to hear them and your comments below.

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